We beat them to it

Everyone knows that if it is bad for liberty and happens in Europe, it’ll make it’s way here via the euro worshiping left. It usually takes a while. Not this time.

I read this story over at CCinZ 

Two working mothers have been banned from looking after each other’s toddlers because they are not registered childminders.

The close friends’ private arrangement had let them both return to part-time jobs at the same company.

However, a whistleblower reported them to the education watchdog Ofsted and it found their informal deal broke the law.

This was because little-known rules say friends cannot gain a ‘reward’ by looking after a child for more than two hours outside the child’s home without agreeing to a number of checks including one from the Criminal Records Bureau.

Although the mothers never paid each other, their job-sharing deal was judged to be a ‘reward’. Campaigners fear thousands of working families could be innocently breaking the rules by relying on close friends for informal childcare.

I told myself that it’d be less than a year before the Obamatons came out with “watching your neighbor’s children is taking jobs away from daycare workers”.

However, following my reading of this post at Reason, it appears America had the idea first!

A West Michigan woman says the state is threatening her with fines and possibly jail time for babysitting her neighbors’ children.

Lisa Snyder of Middleville says her neighborhood school bus stop is right in front of her home. It arrives after her neighbors need to be at work, so she watches three of their children for 15-40 minutes until the bus comes.

The Department of Human Services received a complaint that Snyder was operating an illegal child care home. DHS contacted Snyder and told her to get licensed, stop watching her neighbors’ kids, or face the consequences.

“It’s ridiculous.” says Snyder. “We are friends helping friends!” She added that she accepts no money for babysitting.


Oh, wait.

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3 Responses to We beat them to it

  1. NickM says:

    Oh, hell’s teeth!

    There is nowhere left to run.

  2. Rivrdog says:

    Does Rage Against the Machine live up to their name? If so, maybe a sample this week? We need some tunage inspiration for upsetting the nanny-state applecart.

  3. A Texan says:

    Sounds like someone needs to introduce the “Give Me a Fucking Break Act of 2009” and pronto.

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