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We’ll start with dumb college studies paid for by taxpayers

Study links parolee release to violent crime

California lawmakers may want to rethink a cost-cutting proposal to release at least 27,000 inmates from state prison in light of a new study linking parolees to increases in violent crime.

Led by UC Irvine criminologist John Hipp, the study found that, in most cases, reports of aggravated assault, robbery and burglary go up when parolees return to their neighborhoods — and that if they have violent backgrounds, murder rates increase.

However, crime rates decrease when parolees move back to neighborhoods with longtime residents, and they increase at a slower rate in areas with nonprofit groups offering economic resources and youth intervention programs. These findings suggest that social factors play a role in how communities handle an influx of parolees.

Really? I never would have guessed that violent criminals don’t stop being violent when they’re let out of jail. Or that when they get put into a close knit neighborhood whose residents are more likely to “keep and eye on them” instead of the cesspools they were pulled from that they go outside the neighborhood to commit their crimes.

Next, they’ll be telling us that murder causes death!


Speaking of criminals, how about 76 dumb and greedy ones

Police in a Florida city used the promise of economic stimulus checks to lure 76 people to their arrest on a variety of outstanding warrants.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department set up “Operation Show Me the Money” to round up people wanted on charges ranging from second-degree murder to guns and drug charges to failure to pay child support.

Using the name of the fictitious “South Florida Stimulus Coalition,” police mailed letters asking the suspects to call an undercover phone line and make appointments to claim their money. When they showed up at an auditorium and presented their identification, they were led to an area where uniformed police were waiting to arrest them.

Police said such roundups are safer and more efficient than serving warrants at people’s homes.

It is much safer, especially if they’d count the trouble “no knock” warrant raids cause to civilians instead of just using the LEO stats.

Found via S&L

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