RNS Quote of the Day: 09/28/09

In California, saying things like this will get you re-elected by a wide margin!

FEINSTEIN: Well, as you know, I’m one that believes very strongly Guantanamo should be closed, and I believe it can be done.

I’m also one that’s somewhat familiar with the prison structure in the United States. And I know that there are maximum security prisons from which no one escapes in the United States, which are isolated from neighborhoods.

And no one is going to put these people in anyone’s neighborhood, as some have tried to say.

WALLACE: So you’ll be OK with having some of these detainees in California?

FEINSTEIN: Yes. In a maximum security prison, I don’t worry about it, provided the prison is set up to accommodate it, and I believe we have facilities that are.

A future conversation in the California Correctional System:

Guard: Hey, Manson. Here’s your new cell mate, Muhammad. You two should get along great! He wants to kill whitey too.

Manson: Helter Skelter?

Muhammad: Sim salah bim, saheeb.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    F*ing retarded bitch. The danger isn’t that they’re locked-up in concrete at Pelican Bay or Sing-Sing, it’s that they belong to a cult of hostage-takers/beheaders/’splodey-dopes, and outside The Big House is a small town who’s citizenry can be rounded up at gunpoint or exploded by bomb-vests in burkhas in order to coerce an outcome amenable to letting them go.

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