RNS Quote of the Day: 09/02/09

Next week President Obama will apparently finally reveal his sooper sekrit plan to deliver unto us rainbow farting unicorns and perfect health forever and ever.

Some folks believe this interpretation rather literally. The leader of the AmericaBlog crew is one of them, and it is from where I found today’s quote

Americans want to hear two things:

1. I’m going to pay less.

2. I’m going to have better coverage.John Aravosis

It is very much like going through the check out aisle with a toddler.

You tell them they can have one thing, but they grab two. You tell them they can have one or the other. They drop a fit suitable for a backing soundtrack to a torture scene from the show 24 trying to get you to give them both.

When will the leftists grow up and figure out that if you want to pay less, you will get less, and if they want better coverage, they will have to pay more?

However, if you want to pure delusional slop, go see

what the C&L bunch are calling “medical tourism”.Hint, you have to be a semi-permanent resident to get even the barebones deal, but since they’ll let leaglly residing Americans into the plan, that must mean people are going to Mexico for the x-rays!

Or something.

Note the highlighted text that proves they don’t get that a bunch of people into a socialized system overloads it.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    I could see paying less and getting better coverage IF the central emphasis wasn’t on “HealthyCarez” as it seems to be (a word as euphoniously balderdash as “assault weapon”) but on real reform, pursuit and prison (and payback) for Medicaid and Medicare fraudsters, and a reduction in the bureaucratic morass and cronyism – ie: something that actually drained the swamp.
    But that’s not the agenda, Growing the Swamp is the agenda.

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