Next they’ll have a guy to pull the lever for ya

This is pretty cool. Pre-prepped precision brass from Nosler. Out-of-the-box already sized, bored, reamed, chamfered and weighed, apparently.

I see a Dillon in Santa’s bag for me this year. No other way I’m gonna be able to shoot those Garands.  Well, I could also qualify for CMP and buy their surplus stuff. Heck, I should do both.

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5 Responses to Next they’ll have a guy to pull the lever for ya

  1. Rivrdog says:

    David, the only CMP ammo I have seen lately is junk stuff from either Korea or Greece. Get the Dillon and get to work. Better snarf up a bunch of clips, though, when they’re gone, your Garand is useless.

  2. Kirk says:


    I would also get a good single stage press also. When you start reloading for rifle you will find that the Dillon leaves a bit to be desired as far as precision goes. I mean I love my 650 for Pistol. But when I want 44.1 grains of Varget every time I find that the dillon is not on the ball for that. I did a run of 300 rounds for boomershoot and found that it was loading 43.9 to 44. 3 grains and for precision rifle at long range that variation is a killer.

    I went out and got a pact powder system and a Forster Co-Ax press and a ultra micrometer seating die and my loads got even more accurate due to the tightened tolerances inherent in a single stag press, and always having 44.1 grains of powder.

  3. AZ Fish in OR Water says:

    I recently bought a bunch of the Nosler pre-prepped brass, and it is great. Exactly as advertised.

  4. bobby says:

    I bought some pre-prepped brass the other day. It was sweet, came with pre-prepped primers pre-inserted, pre-loaded with pre-prepped powder, and had a pre-seated, precrimped bullet atop the whole thing.

    Craziness. UMC made this stuff. You should check it out.

  5. Merle says:

    I’m not convinced that such high grade brass will shoot noticably better in a service grade M-1 than will standard commercial. However, a true match grade M-1 should be a different story.

    From what Rivrdog says, it sounds like DCM is out of the Greek surplus. Too bad, as that was pretty good stuff.


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