Bizzaro Sweden

Shhh! Nobody tell the Obama Administration!

Sweden slashes income tax futher to boost jobs

Sweden’s centre-right government on Saturday announced income tax cuts of 10 billion kronor to stimulate the job market, its primary objective.Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and three other ministers in the four-party coalition said the reduction would mean most wage earners would have 200 to 250 kronor (20 to 25 euros, 29 to 36 dollars) more in take-home pay every month.

The left likes to point out that the Stimupalooza gave a large number of folks a $12 or so per month “tax cut”. They also like to call this “the largest tax cut in American history.”

In a follow up post, they then rail against tax cuts during deficit spending.

This news out of the not-so-Great White North might just ‘splode their little pumpkin heads.

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