A notice to all criminals in Washington State

Leave. Life is too tough for you here.

Wellford, South Carolina has much easier pickings.

The Mayor of Wellford is defending her policy which bans police officers in that city from chasing suspects. Sallie Peake says the policy also includes vehicle chases along with pursuits on foot.

A memo issued on September 2nd from Peake to all Wellford officers reads:

“As of this date, there are to be no more foot chases when a suspect runs. I do not want anyone chasing after any suspects whatsoever.“

WSPA first reported the mandate on Wednesday after an anonymous citizen faxed a copy of the memo to our newsroom.

Peake was out of town and unavailable for comment. On Friday, reporter Chris Cato caught up with her in her office and questioned her about the origin of the policy. Peake says she issued the mandate because several officers have been injured during chases, driving up insurance costs for the town.

Because their insurance rates are more important than law and order.

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3 Responses to A notice to all criminals in Washington State

  1. Rivrdog says:

    I wonder how many innocent citizens have been hurt in foot chases?

  2. Gerry N. says:

    The good sheeple of Wellford got what they voted for, a sweet ol’ lady with not quite the intellect of a plate of red beans and rice.

    Gerry N.

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