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Next they’ll have a guy to pull the lever for ya

This is pretty cool. Pre-prepped precision brass from Nosler. Out-of-the-box already sized, bored, reamed, chamfered and weighed, apparently. I see a Dillon in Santa’s bag for me this year. No other way I’m gonna be able to shoot those Garands.  … Continue reading

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I Think I Just Soiled Myself

First you say it, then you do it. South Korea has come up with a novel way to boost its defence budget – by selling a vast stockpile of old Korean-war rifles to collectors in the US. The guns were … Continue reading

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He said what!?!

Wherein I attempt to get Charles Johnson to call me a racist/extremist to bump the non-existent RNS hit counter into overdrive. Seems he’s calling everyone a this, that or the other these days. Unless you’re an ACORN employee who helps … Continue reading

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