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The Soundboard: On the way Edition

This is from 1981. That’s 28 years ago. Still relevant today. This is also from 1981. Yes, that’s the guy from The Monkees. He made a mondo-style musical movie called Elephant Parts way back then, and these are two of … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 09/24/09

Czars, czars everywhere, but not a brain between ’em. In today’s world the blather about free trade, free markets & the joys of competition is nothing but pablum for the suckers. Ron Bloom – Manufacturing Czar I just hope that … Continue reading

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So how’s that individual mandate working out for ya?

One of the response lines for why everyone should be mandated to have coverage is that if people have a regular GP, they’ll go to the doctor instead of the emergency room. They also add that this will cut costs … Continue reading

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They certainly don’t mince words

One thing the Brits still do well is hand out crunchy insults. The UN loves Obama because he is weak Barack Obama’s Gallup approval rating of 52 percent may well be lower at this stage of his presidency than any … Continue reading

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Nordyke Liveblogging

OpenCarry has it in his twitter feed in his sidebar. I’ll be there, but can’t liveblog due to I haven’t figured out how to blog from the Blackberry yet.

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