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The Soundboard: Intermission

I have to go back to work to day, so I am as close to a Sad Panda as can be. In dishonor to this necessity we’re going to take a break from lists and books this week and instead … Continue reading

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I just have to ask

Where has this guy been for the past eight years? As a child in Armenia, Henry Gasparian witnessed firsthand the horrors of Nazi Germany. Two uncles were killed, his father wounded and a brother starved to death during the German … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: Trouble in Reno Edition

Mr. C and KeeWee finally made it home from the GBR yesterday after some trouble with the airline. Best quote from the tale: It seems that TSA has trouble differentiating between fudge from Scheel’s and C4. Mr. Completely Really. I … Continue reading

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Mainstreaming Low Expectations

This is not how you raise your percentage of students who graduate Seattle public school students may be able to graduate with a D average if a change in policy is approved by the school board. Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson is … Continue reading

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Trying to keep themselves relevant

The BATFE and FBI are acting like step brothers Agents of the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives are feuding over bomb investigations — racing each other to crime scenes, failing to share information and refusing … Continue reading

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They shouldn’t discount polls

In relation to this post pointing to a poll showing the American citizenry’s dissatisfaction with unions, it appears that some intelligent Boeing machinists have decided that ditching their’s might be advantageous. Boeing Co. workers in North Charleston voted overwhelmingly to … Continue reading

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