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“…killed six million people and called it social improvement….”

Morgan and Webb take it to the Chief:

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I had the opportunity at the Rendezvous for an extended conversation with Brian of LuckyGunner. He’s an impressive gent and very committed to the cause of firearms rights, as befits an online ammunition retailer. He also saved the Soldiers’ Angels … Continue reading

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“Sheeps in the Fields”

No, not Zorro (although that was one of the funniest movie lines I’ve ever heard, in an otherwise completely forgettable film), i’m talkin’ ’bout Zero Hedge’s use of Google Earth and a database to show the world’s shipping fleet idled … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 09/16/09

A fool and his mind are soon parted. Still it did strike me as noteworthy that your basic tea party crowd isn’t the sort of crowd in which a Confederate flag is unwelcome. I feel like if you’d tried to … Continue reading

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What say ye?

During his extended stay in the Reno area, Derek took advantage of the Nevada Non-Resident CCW course offered by the folks at Armed and Safe. He and Mr. C put their heads together and banged around the idea of offering … Continue reading

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One of the things David and I did during show and tell was to show off the artwork from Glenn of RifleArt.Net. We each brought our respective purchases to show and I’m happy to say that they were received very … Continue reading

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