Rule #3 Violator Punished

I’m both glad he committed the violation and angry that his stupidity will become a statistic to be used against law abiding and rule following gun owners.

A teenager ended up with a gunshot wound and a trip to juvenile jail after he allegedly tried to rob a woman Thursday night on the Hilltop, the Tacoma Police Department reported.

Witnesses called Tacoma police just before 9 p.m. Thursday and reported seeing a young man limping in the 2000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way, heading toward St. Joseph Medical Center.

At the hospital, the 17-year-old boy claimed he was shot in a driveby shooting, police reported.

Officers investigated further and found a woman who said the male had tried to rob her in the 2000 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

The boy grabbed a handgun from his waistband and it accidentally went off. He was shot in the leg, police reported.

After being treated for the self-inflicted gunshot wound, the boy was booked into Remann Hall juvenile jail on suspicion of robbery.

Maybe next time (and there WILL be a next time) he should keep the pistol on a short lanyard so that if he again violates Rule #3 he’ll be more likely to hit himself in the chest.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Give you odds that the lad’s parents, or foster parents, or the State sue the gun manufacturer…

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