RNS Quote of the Day: 08/31/09

Finishing off August with a reply to a whiner

Barack Obama promised you what was not his to give and you were a fool to accept the promise. What did he promise? You think he promised you healthcare, but what he promised you was my property. If I am a taxpayer, he promised you my money and my children’s money. If I am a buyer of Treasury bonds, like the Chinese government, he promised you my nation’s resources. If I am a doctor, he promised you my expertise and attention – again my property. If I invented a medical device, he promised you my property. If I am a shareholder in a pharmaceutical company, he promised you my money. If I am an inventor of future medical technology, he promised you the fruits of my toil. Again, it was not his to promise and I will not relinquish it. That is why you will be left heartbroken and it is your own fault.

Donny Baseball – An open letter to Anne Lamont

You can read Lamont’s screed in the LAT here for context. Then hit the above link to read all of Donny’s letter.

Found via SayAnything

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  1. D.W. Drang says:

    That woman is pathetic. I wrote her off with her apparently serious claim that her dog “accidentally” ate 24 corn muffins.

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