Gunblogger Rendezvous Interstate 80 Warning

This is why we need Nordyke or the Chicago cases to go to the Supreme Court so we can have the 2nd Amendment incorporated against the States — because until then, we can’t sue to overturn stupid laws like this one passed by the City of Richmond, California.

Until then, those of you (like Phil) traveling into Cali on the way to the Rendezvous should AVOID INTERSTATE 80 THROUGH RICHMOND if you’re carrying full-capacity magazines, assembled or disassembled — even if lawfully possessed in California.

This goes for Cali bloggers like Dirtcrashr (who claims he has no full-cap mags) and Ridefast, as well. Sure would hate to see the po-po confiscate RideFast’s Vette.
My suggestion: Take 680, instead, which hooks up with 80 at Cordelia. You’ll get to see the mothball fleet — the Iowa sure is pretty this time of year.

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16 Responses to Gunblogger Rendezvous Interstate 80 Warning

  1. AnonymousCoward says:

    That’s… interesting. Among other things, I’m fairly sure Richmond Rod and Gun Club (site of a fairly large and popular action range, and recently site of a GSSF match) is in Richmond.

  2. Derek says:

    That’s flippin’ crazy. WTFM8.

  3. Yep, members of RR&G are being warned to disassemble their mags as we speak.

  4. Derek says:

    I would argue, however, that once it’s disassembled, it’s no longer a “feeding device.”

  5. Derek says:

    Wewps. You beat me to it.

  6. Kristopher says:

    Or even better yet, avoid mother fucking California.

    The drive through Central Oregon and western Nevada is rather nice.

  7. D.W. Drang says:

    I have been contemplating the I90-I82/I84 route–per Google Maps, adds 150 miles, but only one hour.

    Actually, Google Maps recommends taking I5 south, but splitting off on CA89 (Shasta/Lassen highway)north of Redding. Just over 13 hours from Kent, they claim.

  8. Myles says:

    “Or even better yet, avoid mother fucking California.”

    Damn good travel advice, that.

  9. Ride Fast says:

    Thanks for posting that DWW, I was totally unaware of that Richmond diktat. I haven’t seen it done yet anywhere, but these ridiculous ammo capacity bans would be easy to “fudge” just to harass some gun owner.

    Any ten round .45 mag would hold more than ten .25 caliber rounds, for example. Yeah, you’d beat it in court but that’s not the point of harassment.

  10. Rivrdog says:

    One other warning on that Lassen route: it takes you through some beautiful forests which just happen to be full of Mexican Mafia MJ farms. If you break down, STAY ON THE HIGHWAY! Do NOT pull off to get help from the locals.

    Fill your tank in Lakeview on the way down, and Susanville on the way back.

  11. Mom says:

    D.W. Drang that’s a beautiful drive through Shasta/Lassen. We’ve done it in 11 hours and we’re old farts ! Check the conditions though, friends drove that way to Reno a couple weeks ago and the whole area was ablaze through there.

  12. Ride Fast says:

    […] GBR-IV Interstate 80 / Richmond Warning […]

  13. Ride Fast says:

    D.W.Drang – “I have been contemplating the I90-I82/I84 route–per Google Maps, adds 150 miles, but only one hour.”

    I don’t know what your driving but I want one ;-p

  14. DirtCrashr says:

    I don’t drive the East Bay anymore, not if I can help it, I go around the bottom and out. 580/680 – flip a coin for Altamont and the scenery of Grant Line Road, or the painful hissy of Vacaville/Davis.
    OTOH we were forced to go to Alameda and visit the Hornet. Her 4-inch shore guns could certainly take care of some problems in Berkeley or across the Bay – remember, if you can see it (from the Bridge) you can hit it…

  15. Chris Byrne says:

    Any officer who attempts to get you for violating CA firearms laws, when the firearms are legal at the point of origin and destination of your peaceable journey, would themselves be violating federal and CA state law.

    This doesn’t stop them from doing it, it just means you’d get the charges dismissed and your property back.

    Cops in NYC have been pulling the same crap for years, for people traveling through JFK and Laguardia with firearms in their checked baggage.

    They’re being sued out the ass for doing it, and they’re going to lose badly, because the FOPA is explicit, and clearly applies to the states.

    That doesn’t cure you of the hassle though.

  16. True, but there are plenty of examples of California gun owners posted on the Calguns board who had their rifles/mags/whatever unlawfully confiscated by local cops and paid several thousand dollars in attorney’s fees to get their property back, or many thousands of dollars fighting idiot prosecutors who mistakenly thought they had a career-making “Assault Weapons” case. In some of those latter cases, the gun owners got charges dismissed as part of a settlement, but never got their property returned.

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