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Double the punishment

Uncle links to a story about how the CEO of the Richmond Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in Virginia. left her dog in in a hot car for four hours without leaving proper ventilation, and killed the … Continue reading

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And yet they’re still complaining

Throughout the health care debate, folks on the side opposing Obamacare have been called liars, racists, bigots Nazis and terrorists. US Rep. Wally Herger was at a Town Hall meeting with his constituents when one Bert Stead got his turn … Continue reading

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Mark it down

Make sure you place a special mark on yesterday on your calendar. Why, you might ask? Because Howard Dean did two things that he has probably never done before: He told the truth about the Democratic establishment, and didn’t flash … Continue reading

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We got polls

Two, polls today for you to register your opinion with. The first comes to by the way of D.W. Drang at The Clue Meter, who posted a link to this poll by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, which asks “What name … Continue reading

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