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Gunblogger Rendezvous Interstate 80 Warning

This is why we need Nordyke or the Chicago cases to go to the Supreme Court so we can have the 2nd Amendment incorporated against the States — because until then, we can’t sue to overturn stupid laws like this … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 08/25/09

Someone told me a few months ago that [this] would be a life-changer for me, and they were right, but I would like to emphasize that it is a good change. In the six weeks since I was there, the … Continue reading

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Oh, how cute!

Nicole Broduer grows up and becomes more self-reliant! Turns out I’m a pretty good shot. The first round was in the center of the target from about seven feet away. My aim got a little squirrelly after that, probably because … Continue reading

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Well, imagine that!

Democrats want to force a probably unconstitutional program down our throats and label us fascists if we complain while they do. And when a President who is not a member of their party makes an offer to give citizens an … Continue reading

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I’d have left

With my big bird pointed stuck up high for her and lead Treasury Agent to see. There may be a few choice words which would follow. Michelle Obama, like her husband, enjoys a good burger, but not as well done. … Continue reading

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Yet another reason

To start selling off the National Parks to help pay down the debt. Only 1% of Black Americans visit them. OK, so that really isn’t a good reason. How about this one: The United States government has direct ownership of … Continue reading

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