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Now, as much as I love this chart, the Obama folks did inherit the $700 billion bank bailout from W’s last year, what with all Henry Paulson’s antics. Still, once in office, they ain’t done anything to improve it — … Continue reading

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For those who have been keeping up with Sebastian and Bitter’s posts on defeating members of Bloomberg’s Mayors group (hit the link and start scrolling) I can hand off some good news that we didn’t even have to work for! … Continue reading

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You shouldn’t do that

But I’m glad she is. House member, Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) is refusing to have any town hall meetings with her constituents. Her already announced 2010 challenger, Frank Guinta, Mayor of Manchester, NH has decided to hold some town hall meetings … Continue reading

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They keep using that word

But I do not think it means what they think it means. To most people cognizant enough to breath involuntarily, “Energy Independence” means America being able to produce enough energy with out own natural resources to power our nation, and … Continue reading

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Suck it, peaceniks

Two for two, with a bonus on the second slam. Two different Thaad interceptors were launched against a single target, simulating an Army operational concept of dispatching a salvo of weapons to ensure a threat is destroyed. The U.S. Missile … Continue reading

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Aw poop!

That guy who open carried his AR in Phoenix, along with his buddies who also open carried….fuckin’ Truthers. And anti-vaccination nuts, and Ventura supporters, and Alex Jones listeners, and probably “LBJ had JFK shot” types too. Charles Johnson has the … Continue reading

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