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Keep yer boogerhook off the bang switch

All guns are always loaded A photographic example Found at Cowboy Blob’s place, where you should watch the video of the “Barb’s Revenge” stage at the Michigan ACTS match he participated in. Boots Bob. Always have boots in the truck. … Continue reading

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I may not be the hippest cat on the block anymore

But I’m nowhere near as lame to the lingo as Oliver Willis (Occupation: Toole) What subliminal message do you see imprinted upon this shirt? Anyone who is above the age 15 and an IQ higher than 15 sees a suggestion … Continue reading

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A blast from the past

Remember earlier this week when Megan Mcardle spoke about how everything is rationed based on cost. Well, if you don’t mind clicking on a link to the leftist Crooks & Liars blog, you can hear Milton Freidman making the same … Continue reading

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They’re just now figuring this out

Don’t call them slow. It’s just that their base philosophy hinders their judgment. I speak, of course, of the media It sounds like such a good deal. Devise a program that takes gas-guzzling older cars and trucks off the road … Continue reading

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