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Freakin’ Awesome

…this is.

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Ammo for Sale (plus trivia)

I have 600rnds of 7.62×39 that I have determined I do not need. This is the product (click for bigger) It is Yugo manufactured, headstamped 1979. Brass cased, copper jacketed. They come 40rnds per box, loaded on the SKS stripper … Continue reading

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I doubt it was intentional

But the AARP has put out this ad whining about people demanding to be involved int he health care discussion. It depicts an ambulance being slowed down and/or blocked on its way to the hospital. I noticed that all of … Continue reading

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Catch 22

When doing one part of your task will stop you from completing the task entirely. This is an example of a Catch 22. Helicopters earmarked by the Ministry of Defence to help British troops in Afghanistan will not be able … Continue reading

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