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Rifle Maintenance: Have you Changed your Bolt Fluid Yet?

Found on Calguns. Apparently a “classic” IM thread. Keyboard warning: don’t be drinking anything when reading this. This whole deal happened via IM while chatting about what Jason B. was getting done to his rifles @ Jerry Newman’s shop…

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Wanna join in the fun?

Getcher T-shirts here.

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Not to make you paranoid

But this is the reason I brought no firearms with me to the GBR last year. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that several baggage handlers working for a company contracted by Delta Airlines were busted in a sting operation … Continue reading

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Apparently, we’re all miltia-crazies now. A woman was arrested for taking pictures of an ANG base near Long Island, NY and charged with trespassing. This was her second visit to take pictures. She believed that some of the new barracks … Continue reading

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Oh, that silly Orwell!

That stuff from 1984 will never happen! Thousands of the worst families in England are to be put in “sin bins” in a bid to change their bad behaviour, Ed Balls announced yesterday.The Children’s Secretary set out £400million plans to … Continue reading

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A Reminder

For some unknown reason, this story popped back up on the wires yesterday. Either way, old or new, it is a window into the future under Obamacare. For those that missed it last June, the State of  Oregon refused a … Continue reading

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Coup Coup

Thankfully the coup attempt in Qatar looks to have been short lived and a failure Various Arab websites are reporting on the sudden firing of senior Qatari military officials after they staged a failed coup attempt. According to the report … Continue reading

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An Open Mind

Does not mean you open your skull up wide enough so that your brain falls out onto your keyboard like this loser. And yes, he will take offence to you calling him a member of the Hate America First Crowd.

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