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Somebody, Please!

Hire this man! Jim Nicholson knew he should have just handed over the cash. But when the thin man in a beanie cap, dark clothing and sunglasses pushed a black backpack across the bank counter and demanded money, Nicholson says … Continue reading

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How Long

Before some Obamaton calls this racist? Tick. Tock. Not long now.

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It’s funny

Because it’s true

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What’s wrong with Colorado?

I completely understand the idea of a hiking vacation. I also understand the need to promote a certain amount of tourism for Iraq. But really, just how pig ignorant do you have to be to want to take an unarmed … Continue reading

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Who got juked?

The 52% of American voters who voted for Obama got juked. To get the economy back on track, will President Barack Obama have to break his pledge not to raise taxes on 95 percent of Americans? In a “This Week” … Continue reading

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It’s Monday allright

So I was just out with the dogs as they completed their usual morning bladder relief sessions when I was treated to a cacophony of morning sounds. Seeing as how we’ve been having a spell of hot & muggy days … Continue reading

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Life is good

For you PacNW locals, just an FYI: Herfy’s is back! Franchise #31 just opened near Firebase Blue and The Wife and I partook last night. Triple Bacon Cheeseburger w/all the trimmings. A heart attack in a bag, baybee. Forgot to … Continue reading

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