Imagine what your weekend news would have been like

If these two sentences were true

“The president of the Stokes County chapter of the Republican National Committee was arrested Monday on sex and weapons charges.”

“Larry Lash, 54, of Walnut Cove is charged with 6 counts of statutory rape, 2 counts of sex offense with certain victims, and 2 counts of first degree sex offense among other sex charges.”

Oh, Larry Nash, 54, of Walnut Grove was arrested on those charges at the end of last week. Only Larry doesn’t work for the RNC. He works for the NAACP.

Now, as I stated Saturday morning I was busy this weekend and wasn’t glued to the TV, but I did watch a decent selection of the overnights and I saw nada on this.

Myself and the Confederate Yankee seem to be the only ones keeping this one from dropping down the mempory hole.

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