RNS Quote of the Day: 06/08/09

The left’s current “best argument” for why health care insurers are talking with the feds about health care costs is that the insurers don’t want to have to “compete” with the super-awesome government plan.

They’re right.

But for the wrong reasons.

The government doesn’t compete.  You don’t negotiate with the government.  When the government wants you to do something, you either do it or you are punished with fees, fines, taxes and even imprisonment.  You either do it, or they’ll make you do it.  So yes, the private health care industry is scared for their profits, but only because they know there’s no way to compete with government.  The government gets to make all the rules.  The government doesn’t have to turn a profit.  The government doesn’t even really have to worry all that much about customer satisfaction.  These companies don’t want to compete with the government because they know they’ll lose.

And that’s actually what the liberals want.  They don’t want us to have choices on health care.  They want us all dependent on big government for health care, because then our dependence can be used as leverage to manipulate just about every aspect of our lives.

As expensive and imperfect as our health care industry is now, we’re better off with that than we are with big government driving all of our options out of the market, running up more spending and debt for the taxpayers along the way.

Rob at SayAnything

Sadly, it is only the leftists of questionable intellectual prowess who are whining about there not being a “single-payer” option currently on the table.

The smarter ones are quite happey with the “nose under the tent” currently on paper because they know that one more “progressive” presidency and they’ll have everything they want.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    They’re sneaky bastards Rham has on his team. Besides medicine, there’s the he cap-and-trade bill that includes dictatorial powers over local building codes. A federalized Building Code and the leverage of carbon-trading with which to bludgeon States into compliance. How “progressive.”

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