Doing it right

Gunnies have been saying for years that, instead of passing new legislation, or amending the old legislation, why not just enforce the laws that are already on the books?

Oregon is doing it so right

Lawmakers threaten to sue Oregon higher ed over conceal carry rules

The letter, spearheaded by Senator Brian Boquist and Representative Kim Thatcher, draws on months of negotiations with the Oregon University System to abandon illegal anti conceal carry policies.

Well the gloves are off. In a letter signed by 34 lawmakers (pdf), the ultimate throw down has come: A duel. In a courtroom.

If the OUS wants to repeatedly piss on the carpet of individual rights, someone is going to have to rub their noses in it to get them to change their behavior.

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  1. Fjolnirsson says:


  2. RichardCalderwood says:

    Kim Thatcher is GREAT. We could use a whole pile of Kim Thatchers, instead of the rot our neighbors usually elect here in Oregon.

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