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Trolling for trouble

Leave it to the Russians to figure out a way to make money off an epidemic. Luxury ocean liners in Russia are offering pirate hunting cruises aboard armed private yachts off the Somali coast. Wealthy punters pay £3,500 per day … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/26/09

Last QotD for the week on this topic. More next week. I’ve saved the best ones for last. In July 1941, as he planned his third term, Roosevelt suggested to his biudget director a proposal for a 99.5% tax rate … Continue reading

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There’s “Slightly Odd”

And then there is truly whacked out “ain’t been right since the squirrel bit ‘im” around the loop crazy. Susie Madrak of CrooksandLiars blog fame sits firmly in the latter category. This is pretty big news, guys. Remember, the Massachusetts … Continue reading

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The white women in LA

Were just dropping like flies yesterday. I was just a tad too young to have the Farah poster. I got stuck with the Thriller fad full bore. That was just the first of many short sticks me and mine were … Continue reading

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