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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/25/09

More on the topic Hugh Johnson, the man Roosevelt put at the head of the National Recovery Administration, call it a “Holy Thing. The Greatest social advance since the days of Jesus Christ.” Burt Folsom – New Deal or Raw … Continue reading

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A Question for the Gunnies

OK, maybe I didn’t get the memo, or the update, or the 411, but there is a rumor going around the gunosphere that is bothering me. I’ve been reading it repeatedly over the last couple months, in posts and in … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: I’ve been “approved” Edition

Just like Suze Orman, The Wife has approved my next vehicular purchase (in a couple years, after Bull is paid for in full). I’m calling it my “Mid-Life Crisis Car”. While this may just look like your standard off-road running … Continue reading

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Feel the need

The need to read this piece by David Deming titled Death of a Civilization. It relays the tale of how a society ends up killing itself. Unsurprisingly, it finds parallels with today. Too good to excerpt.

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