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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/24/09

Continuing on with the week’s topic I personally have long been convinced that the outright ownership of farms ought to be greatly restricted. My own view is that under intelligent state control is should be possible to introduce a planned … Continue reading

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A Contender

Obama’s words below could have easily been today’s Quote of the Day, except for two things: A. I’m already doing economic quotes this week, and B. I don’t allow such rank disingenuousness here at RNS. Yesterday, the President was asked … Continue reading

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In the trash

That is where the report issued to the King County government by the Washington State Auditor’s Office will end up. King County’s internal financial controls are a haphazard mishmash of systems with plenty of holes for potential abuse of public … Continue reading

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What doesn’t he understand?

John Aravosis, of the misnamed AmericaBlog, on the topic of Sarkozy’s statement against the Burqa: I’m always fascinated by the burqa. From a westerner’s eye, it does seem awfully oppressive – imagine being covered, head to toe, in black in … Continue reading

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Attention Whore

He of the faulty data and endless media interviews, former NASA bigwig, James Hansen, was feeling that he possibly had wandered away from the limelight and got himself arrest for Gaia. James E. Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who has … Continue reading

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Loved by the Trustafarians

Could Barney Frank (D-Ignorantia) become a hero to the Rastafarians? Frank has filed a bill that would eliminate federal penalties for personal possession of less than 100 grams of marijuana. It would also make the penalty for using marijuana in … Continue reading

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