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Now this is an interesting timeline

right here. Interesting analysis here, with bonus tinfoil-hattery that in the current times is unfortunately a teensy bit plausible even though I really, really don’t want to believe it could be true.

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Forget the Highway to Hell – Updated and Bumped

With the already massive debt the Dems have added to our previous figure, they’ve got us on a set of rails to the furnace. Some numbers courtesy of the Congressional Budget Office The good news: 39 million people would obtain … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/17/09

Sad because it is true. I have no idea if the design of the knife will prevent it from being used as a stabbing weapon, but it is apparently sharp enough to geld an entire nation. The Confederate Yankee on … Continue reading

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Tolkien Fans, Unite!

China Mieville lists that Top 5 reasons the creator of Middle Earth kicks ass.

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The Need for Speed

Some folks have it more than others. I’ll let CCinZ’s Nick M. explain Richard Noble is at it again and now he’s planning on breaking 1000mph in a car!. And it looks brilliant The hell with ya Button and Hamilton! … Continue reading

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