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What a week

It’s been nonstop for me since returning from Boomershoot. A big mess at the office that’s finally pretty much straightened out, but that’s kept me from addressing some larger issues that can’t be put off. Cutting off my fingertip didn’t … Continue reading

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I Like This Finding

An interim finding from my wife’s doctoral thesis: the Latino kids she’s interviewing are universally reporting that their parents strongly discouraged them from taking on student loans. “If you can’t pay for it….” And so they didn’t — they worked … Continue reading

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Getting Testy

Recent polls are showing the Congressional Republican’s approval ratings are drawing even with the Democrats. Other polls are showing a preference for Republicans when it comes to the economy. Maybe some Democrats are more inclined to ignore polls than we’ve … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/12/09

Knute Berger posted up a list of Six Things You Cannot Say in Seattle. It’s a pretty good list, though it could be whittled down to five, because #5 is a rather large exageration. I’m going to excerpt #6 because … Continue reading

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Lots of used imports coming to the market soon

Because it seems as though the only way to be a “patriotic American” in the near future will be to buy a GM product. Earlier this week, Hugh Hewitt spoke about boycotting GM products in protest of the goverment takeover. … Continue reading

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