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He’s a Pirate — and a Smooth Criminal

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Afghan Hospitality

Found here. 

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When I bought Buddy the Jeep, the seat back of the driver’s seat was off-kilter by a few degrees. Don’t know why or how, but since he’s a two-door, it didn’t matter. I just folded the rear seats forward and … Continue reading

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Since his Justice Department is letting people go

I’m sure that pardons for these two will be in the offing For three decades, accused spies Walter Kendall Myers and his wife shuffled secrets to their Cuban contacts in such fear of being caught, authorities say, that he memorized … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 06/08/09

The left’s current “best argument” for why health care insurers are talking with the feds about health care costs is that the insurers don’t want to have to “compete” with the super-awesome government plan. They’re right. But for the wrong … Continue reading

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Addicted to Outrage

They’ve got their jones to feed, so they went looking. They found these at FNC And now their jones is fed.

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Can they keep him?

I’m sure his management style will fit right in. The mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana, has been quarantined in China after possible exposure to the H1N1 virus, his office said Sunday. Mayor Ray Nagin, who traveled to China on an … Continue reading

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