Water starts fire

Man bites dog.

Bear shits in hotel lobby bathroom.

The Bellevue Fire Department says a sunny day and a dog’s water bowl caused the fire that charred the back of a home.

Lt. Eric Keenan says investigators determined the glass bowl of water magnified the rays enough to start the Sunday afternoon fire on the wood deck. There was no wiring or other possible cause.

If the MSM stops editorializing every news story in President Obama’s favor, I think I’m going to start opening up the SHTF supplies and call into work.

Strange days.

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1 Response to Water starts fire

  1. Rivrdog says:

    I’d have to do a reconstruction with the actual water bowl before I’d believe the Fire Marshal in this report.

    Water bowls left outside usually aren’t the perfect lens required to concentrate the sun’s rays sufficiently to achieve the 400 + temperature necessary to start a wood deck on fire.

    Everything would have to be perfect: the perfect lens shape, the perfect sun angle, perfectly clean clear glass bowl and clear water at the perfect level, perfectly dry and punky wood, perfectly low humidity and no recent rain on the deck, just for starters.

    Those factors probably weren’t all present, so I’d look for another event, most likely smoker’s carelessness or even an act of arson.

    Fire marshals are not gods. I had one say a wood stove’s overheated chimney started a fire in a house I lived in in Upper MI, when in fact the stove had been cold for over 24 hours, as I was going to clean it and it’s chimney.

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