Oh Shit

Lifted directly from Survivalblog:

What’s wrong with this picture? Teacher Tests Negative for Swine Flu but Then She Dies of the Flu

In an echo of the first pages of Rawles’ novel PATRIOTS, this morning I sat through a long legal presentation for employers and their attorneys on corporate/business preparations for swine flu (put in place an illness plan, prepare for rolling waves of absenteeism, ensure you have capacity for remote operations, etc.)

One part of the advice provided may strike non-lawyers as funny:
we’re required by law to protect people’s privacy by sending ill employees home WITHOUT revealing to other employees that they were sent home because they’ve got the flu — even though those employees will figure it out on their own anyway.

The part that sobered me was the fairly strong presumption that the “second wave” in the Fall is going to be bad.

Oh well, as long as the strippers can still strip in their flu masks, the wife and I can continue to enjoy ourselves watching them dance while Rome burns, etc.

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2 Responses to Oh Shit

  1. Rivrdog says:

    The “return of swine flu” is just an educated guess at best. There is no way that the CDC or any other group of epidemiologists can predict the mutation of a strain of a virus.

    If you recall, they predicted SARS would hit here, it didn’t. Then they said Avian Flu would be a problem, and it wasn’t.

    It seems to me that these scientists use the worse-case scenario all the time, just like the annual hurricane season meteorologists do, with the same results: hardly ever correct.

  2. Eriko says:

    Worldwide deaths from swine flu 235
    American average death rate from general flu 36000

    I am not that worried. I still have masks though.

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