It is best if you don’t even know it’s there

Because the Obamanation does not like you to use it.

But here it comes anyway

A massive natural-gas discovery here in northern Louisiana heralds a big shift in the nation’s energy landscape. After an era of declining production, the U.S. is now swimming in natural gas.

Even conservative estimates suggest the Louisiana discovery — known as the Haynesville Shale, for the dense rock formation that contains the gas — could hold some 200 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. That’s the equivalent of 33 billion barrels of oil, or 18 years’ worth of current U.S. oil production. Some industry executives think the field could be several times that size.

“There’s no dry hole here,” says Joan Dunlap, vice president of Petrohawk Energy Corp., standing beside a drilling rig near a former Shreveport amusement park.

Further paragraphs at the link read of how the Cap & Tax bill being run through the House of Representatives might use the above mentioned deposits to push down dependance on foreign petrol and coal.

However, this report tells a tale that should frighten you

Energy lobbyists count as many as 11 Democrats on the 36-member subcommittee either on the fence or in opposition to the measure. Because Republicans are likely to vote in unanimity or one vote short of it against the measure, most of those wavering Democrats would have to be convinced to support the bill for it to pass.

Three main issues have divided the group: One, how many emissions allowances should industries like electric utilities receive for free, versus how many should be sold at auction? Two, how quickly should polluters be required to reduce their emissions? And three, to what extent should power plants be forced to use renewable energy sources like wind and solar power to produce electricity?

President Obama’s climate proposal, included in his budget blueprint, requires utilities and other industries to purchase all their credits. That would provide an immediate price signal that would quicken development of technologies to cut emissions.

Critics say the only immediate consequence would be a sharp increase in energy costs.

But hey, they’re gonna tax “The Rich” and give us all a super big happy refund” for our troubles! Nevermind that they don’t know how to do the math just yet to make one end touch the other, but as the leftosphere keeps telling their readers, thos edetails can be sorted out later. Save Mother Gaia at All Costs!

Both of the abov elinks were found via The American Thinker

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  1. yatalli says:

    If you liked the Enron deal you are going to LOVE cap and trade.

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