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They just love taxing people

It doesn’t really matter how. Tax systems not the crux of Washington’s and Oregon’s budget woes Almost every state is experiencing hard-core, near-cataclysmic budget woes. States like Oregon that rely heavily on income tax. States like Washington that rely just … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/22/09

Ace discovers that Lawrence O’Donnell is in need of a few new adjectives to describe Cheney and helps him out, Lovecraft-style! Dick Cheney is a vile disgrace of eldritch omen. He lies broken in Cyclopean ruins, a jumble of weird … Continue reading

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It certainly is nice to know

That suggesting folks “Buy American” isn’t considered to be xenophobic anymore. (caution: link goes to the website of the Campaign for America’s Future)

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