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Alo, Salut, sunt eu, un haiduc

Who knew the Numa Numa song referenced armed revolutionaries fighting the Soviet and Communist Rumanian armies? Waronguns has the fascinating (recent) history link about the Haiducci. Watch more cool animation and creative cartoons at Aniboom Obligatory Numa Numa link here. … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: Grrrrrrr Edition

The Week started out like this And yesterday I found out that we’re moving from the temp office back to the refurbished old office starting today. Needless to say, like everything management gets their mitts on, it’s going poorly. My … Continue reading

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If there is no law, there is no crime

Unless you live in California. Paul Pearson lives in California. Mr. Pearson makes a living converting gas and diesel powered vehicles to plug-in electrics. There is no law regulating said conversions in the state of California. But that did not … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/21/09

Yes. Journalists are paid to be assholes to the powerful and Mother Teresa to the weak, and so they are delusional, emotionally unstable, bizarrely erratic … quixotic … volatile. Jake Ellison – former Seattle PI employee We all knew this, … Continue reading

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