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308 Pricing Aggregator

I’m gonna add this to the sidebar, probably under “David Likes” as “308 Ammo Sources” — but I’ll post it here first. .308 Ammo Sources. Looks like somebody’s got Hirtenberger at $299 for 400 rounds. Debate amongst yourselves whether or … Continue reading

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The Soundboard: “Do try this at home” Edition

With all of the Boomershoot posting going on, both here and around the gunosphere, I was jonesin’ for some “aim small, miss small” action. Not having an ATF license or 700yds available, I decided that I’d have to scale back … Continue reading

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The Elephant Brand

Dying out? Not so much actually. Though, it must be pointed out that it could just be a case of buyer’s remorse.

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Oooh! Hope AND Change

I Hope the local papers don’t get any more biased in favor of Governor Gregoire now that she has approved the Changing of their tax code. Gov. Chris Gregoire has approved a tax break for the state’s troubled newspaper industry. … Continue reading

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