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Top Gear Shows How Bad ObamaCars Will Be

First, why are GM, Chrysler (but not Ford) cars going to be crap in the near future? Here’s why: It’s called CAPITALism for a reason, after all. …over the last 2 decades, firms are more likely to use debt than … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/12/09

Just a taste of the ideas of the father of modern US Education The mere absorbing of facts and truths is so exclusively individual an affair that it tends very naturally to pass into selfishness. There is no obvious social … Continue reading

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It is as though they control the world

Ben at the Taxing Tennessee blog built a graph comparing the price of gasoline versus the cost of a single first class stamp from the USPS, baselined against inflation. To quote Ben: “When gas prices rose last summer, Rep. Bart … Continue reading

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Tag Team

Just to tie into David’s post below, here is a graph showing what The Obama Team said would happen to the unemployment statistics if the Stimupalooza did pass versus if it didn’t. Well, the Stimupalooza did pass, thanks to three … Continue reading

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