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Sweet, sweet prose

From our man Dirtcrashr in Hawaii: The water here today is from a hundred miles away, and tomorrow it will be gone – and the Tradewinds do the same, traveling two thousand miles before brushing the cane covered slopes and … Continue reading

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I’m a Character in a Zombie Novel!

A crash betrayed movement at the back of the shop.  I brought the short gun up into a high ready and began to move that way.  What sounded like mumbling greeted me behind the counter, and I found the source … Continue reading

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Normalizing Poverty

Want proof that Socialism’s only solution to problems is to equalize the suffering amongst the populace? Look across the Atlantic EU alls for shorter work week to create jobs I’m not even going to quote the story linked there because … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 05/08/09

Despite multiple requests to stop, via comments and email, lest they have to buy/read another Randian tome, we continue with The Comprachicos For several generations, the destruction of reason was carried on under the cover and in the name of … Continue reading

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That’ll do it to ya

It is official: Washington State has the highest fuel prices in the lower 48 with an average price of $2.392 per gallon of regular unleaded. Two things caused this to happen: 1: Second highest per gallon tax rate at $0.559 … Continue reading

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