RNS Quote of the Day: 03/12/09

Willful ignorance is the only excuse for hatemongering demagogue, David Neiwert’s, post yesterday.

After ditching the hateful FDL blog, Neiwert is now writing at John Amato’s  CrooksandLiars blog. After watching Glenn Beck host Jason Materra, who was the guy you saw being told to “Mind his goddamned business!” by Charles “Ethically Challenged Crook” Rangel, David Neiwert posts this lovely bit of pap.

Now, Beck has never been a journalist, so no doubt his idea of what kinds of questions journalists are supposed to ask are probably formed by a combination of watching bad movies and reading Bernie Goldberg. But in case he’s wondering, no one has covered the Rangel story because there’s no there there; the only thing any reporter could ask would involve wild speculation based on right-wing propaganda.

David Neiwert

No “There” there, Mr. Neiwert?


For a guy who writes at a place called “Crooks & Liars”, he certainly doesn’t seem qualified to spot them.

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  1. emdfl says:

    There is never a “there there when democraps and their whores are talking about each other.

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