Not the smartest peanut in the turd

The abuse suffered by women under Sharia Law isn’t the fault of a nearly 1400 year old instruction manual on how to best to beat your wife.

No, it is caused by American cashito.

During the 3:00PM EST hour of MSNBC news coverage, anchor Norah O’Donnell discovered the source of sexism in the Middle East was not Islamic fundamentalism, but rather, capitalism: “And to another big story, is oil behind sexism in the Middle East? It’s a provocative new theory out there today, suggesting the real culprit of the lower status of women in the Middle East is because of the region’s oil wealth.”

O’Donnell then turned to Sally Quinn of the Washington, who wrote about the theory on the newspaper’s On Faith blog: “This is a hot topic, Sally. Do you believe that oil is behind sexism in the Middle East?” Quinn replied: “Well, I do think that it has a lot to do with it…when you have an oil-rich country, there’s much less manufacturing, so that there are fewer jobs for women. But also because the country is so rich that women don’t need to work and therefore they’re comfortable and they stay home.”

Later, O’Donnell concluded: “But it’s a very interesting question, it’s not necessarily Islam, it may be more, and you would know this better than I, as — because of what you’re doing — it may more be the wealth of that country.” Quinn replied: “Well, it is the wealth. The — part of it, too, has to do with culture. I mean, that they come from a culture where women don’t work. And so, because the oil-rich countries, all of the jobs that are involved around oil are much more male-oriented jobs.”

It is amazing she can remember to breathe.

As Tim Blair implies, all that money must account for the historically high number of  honor killings among the natives peoples of Canada and Norway.

All I can do is give thanks to Our savior, President Obama, for having his Interior Department put a lock on the gate for further exploration of the American Shale Oil reserves. Since they’re larger than the entire reserves within the area known as the Middle East, can you imaging the amount of beatings 21st Century American women would have to suffer through if we were actually becoming energy independant!?!

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2 Responses to Not the smartest peanut in the turd

  1. A Texan says:

    Seeing things like this goes a long way toward explaining the origin of phrases like “dumb as a box of rocks” and “dumb as a post.”

    Really, WEALTH produces wife-beating? Which is why there is none among poor societies, I suppose.

    Yes, it IS a wonder that this imbecile remembers to breathe.

  2. Petey says:

    I suppose there is a more proper way of stating a falacy, but I agree, without oil, wealth and capitalism there would be very little sexism, as they would be busy starving to death.

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