Letting Their Freak Flag Fly


Your Quid Pro Quo is showing there.

An e-mail from a state labor group linking campaign donations to contentious worker-rights legislation has prompted legislative leaders to kill the bill and request an investigation by law enforcement.

The e-mail raises “serious legal and ethical questions,” Gov. Chris Gregoire and the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate said in a joint statement Wednesday. They referred the issue to the Washington State Patrol for investigation.

Lawmakers would not release the e-mail, but a copy was obtained by The Seattle Times. It was sent to several members of labor organizations as well as a small number of state lawmakers.

Essentially, it seems that an assistant to the Washington State Labor Council President twisted the arms a little too hard and broke something the state Democratic Party couldn’t handle.

Normally, the WA Dems don’t mind being the unions abused spouse. Somebody must have gotten a little counseling.

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