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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/10/09

I like a large number of editorial cartoons that have dropped my way as of late. But this one struck me as very pertinent. Especially with this great news.

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Sadness Engulfs Them

I’m sure that there are some very unhappy union bosses in Michigan right about now. They deserve to be a whole lot less happy, but I’ll take what I can get. Unionized workers at Ford Motor Co. have approved contract … Continue reading

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More red meat for the masses

Watchmen spoilers are included inside a Brian Doherty post at Reason. Titled “Rorschach Doesn’t Shrug”, it explores the Randian histoty of the character. Definitely worthy of a few moments of your time.

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Shot down in flames

Again. Yesterday the SCOTUS tossed out New York City’s lawsuit against the makers of feminine hygiene products in which NYC stated that the manufacturers were responsible for tens of thousands of cases of toxic shock syndrome per year. Wait. That’s … Continue reading

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