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The Soundboard: Feeling Funny Edition

No, I don’t have bologna in my pants. The “funny feeling” is all in my head. I don’t know whether I overworked myself during the weekend or what it is, but I’ve been stuck in something all this week. Sort … Continue reading

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No Comprende

I’ve been watching the left’s reaction to the latest wave of John Galt’s being featured in the blogosphere and in the MSM and I can only say that they must live in a complete bubble. The reactions range from calling … Continue reading

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Taking the hands from around our necks

In 2006, Washington voters were fed a very sweet poison called Initiative 937. This citizen’s initiative was sold as a way to help move the state into creating more “green energy” by requiring that 15% of electrical generation be done … Continue reading

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Hate me if you will

Sit-Com material? Not so much, says Moira MacDonald “Nothing ever ends,” says a superhero character in “Watchmen,” somewhere around the film’s two-and-a-half hour mark. In a movie filled with such gruesome moments as a kid biting off someone’s cheek, a … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 03/05/09

Kinks in the Garden State are going to have to find a new “level of restraint”. Any person who knowingly has in his possession handcuffs [defined as “a device, conventionally used for law enforcement purposes, that can be tightened and … Continue reading

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Shoot on Sight. No Knock. No Entry. Armed men claiming to be police officers broke into a Boulevard Park home and held the residents inside at gunpoint Tuesday night, deputies said. Detectives said three men posing as police forced their … Continue reading

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