We have a nickname for this guy

That should warn you what we’re gonna be in for.

Ron “Tax to the Max” Sims has accepted the #2 spot at HUD. He’ll be leaving the comfy little fiefdom he presides over called “King County” as soon as the Senate confirms him. I’d like to say I’m glad to be rid of him, but I know that this job will give his resume a boost for when he makes a run for Governor in 2012 or 16.

Not only is he a bloated big-government money grubber, he is also as crooked as Lombard Street. Never mind that his office has spent large amounts of money and time over the past couple weeks denying this move

On the day that Ron Sims gets nominated to a senior position in the Obama administration, he reveals more ethical shortcomings by committing a serious PDC violation, earning himself a formal complaint.

See the Twitter box in the upper right corner of the King County Executive web page. Since about 6pm Sunday it’s had a link to a P-I editorial promoting Sims’ preferred candidate for Elections Director.

That is a flagrant violation of RCW 42.17.130

And you and I couldn’t tell, but the local left likes to consider the Seattle Times a “right-wing” newspaper. I understand all about niceties and being polite, but I can’t see a “right wing” newspaper posting these headlines for this creep

Sims off to HUD: King County’s loss will be the nation’s gain


Ron Sims leaves legacy of change as he heads for HUD

The only legacy he’s leaving is a broken down and heavily indebted county government.

Good riddance. My only wish is that I wasn’t paying for it.

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  1. AnejoDave says:

    I look at it this way. It took Carter to give us Reagan. Obmessiah is either going to give us somebody that will make Reagan look like a little kid or he’ll kill us all. Either way our problems will be over once he’s gone.

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