Watchmen is gonna be good

Wil Wheaton got to see an advance screening. I previously linked to the trailer here.

Zack Snyder’s Watchmen is as close to a perfect film adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen as we were ever going to see….

I’m not going to discuss specifics, because that would suck for a lot of people, but: PAY ATTENTION, MY FELLOW GEEKS: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.

(Did I just all-cap and bold that? I guess I did. What is this, MacWrite in 1986? Whatever. I’m leaving it, because it’s that important to me that my fellow geeks read it.)

Now, listen, I know that we live in a world where we’ve endured Ang Lee’s The Hulk, Spiderman 3, both Fantastic Four movies, and Indiana Jones Gets Raped Repeatedly While We Are Forced To Watch In Horror, so I think it would be really strange if we weren’t worried and apprehensive about something that already means so much to us, but I hope this will calm your nerves until the movie is released: Watchmen is faithful to the book. It respects the book. I swear by the beard of Zeus, it feels like the book. Yes, there are some cuts, but they serve the release and don’t disrupt or betray the narrative at all. Yes, they made a change to something that’s a pretty big deal in the book, but it doesn’t matter; what they did instead accomplishes exactly the same thing, and it does it perfectly. There is some of the Zack Snyder signature slow motion, and though it’s a little heavy in the very first scene (which worried me) it isn’t overdone throughout the movie at all, and I found it to be pretty cool and entertaining.

Read the whole thing.

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