Only from citizens

It seems we had ourselves a dandy little protest in downtown Seattle yesterday.

Within 36 hours nearly Liberty Belle was able to find nearly 100 people unhappy enough about the Stimupalozza/Porkulus package to venture into the solidly leftist uptown Seattle commercial district and have a protest.

Michelle Malkin has a round up here of all the participating sites. But I want you to make sure and watch this piece of video from local CBS affiliate, KIRO that she found.

Watch the passionate, yet peaceful, citizenry of center-right Seattle as they speak their minds without damaging other people’s property or getting so violent the police have to step in, or even shouting obscenities.

Watch at around the 2:00 mark for the counter protester making the Nazi salute, in an attempt to provoke the peaceful yet passionate protest participants into a fight.

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