If they let you think for yourself

You’d think that things like the Stimulapalooza was a good thing.

Which is why Senator Debbie Stabenow (Fascist – MI) wants to make talk radio “accountable” for the opinions spoken.

Of course, it would have nothing to do with the fact that her husband is Tom Athans, who was Executive VP of Air America before it took a dump, and is currently running the leftist TalkUSA Radio network.

No coincidence at all.

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1 Response to If they let you think for yourself

  1. Myles says:

    She is a hack. I was still living in Michigan as she was making her crawl up the government ladder. You’ve never met a woman more devoted to the ideals of the Nanny State. Even though they’ve been in control for YEARS now both she, and Carl Levin (the other senator) constantly talk about how the last Republican controlled MI government screwed things up. If I recall correctly the Republicans haven’t been in control up there since the mid-90’s.

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