Psuedo Gear Report

Yesterday, SayUncle posted a link to Rich at Shots Across the Bow’s post on his XDm and a holster he was showing off from CrossBreed.

His comment was “That holster looks pretty cool.”

I can tell you right now that it is very cool.

When I went to the range With Chad of Dogtulosba back in December, he was using a CrossBreed holster to CC his Springfield EMP. We had some breakfast beforehand and until we got to the range I had no idea that he was carrying. Granted, it was Seattle in December, but he wasn’t wearing his coat the entire time we were in the restaurant. Having carried for all of my life (post 21), as well as nearly a decade prior to that during my time working behind a gun counter, I can spot pretty much anyone’s efforts to CC around me.

I had CrossBreed linked in my favorites before the great Firefux Crash of 2009 and now that I am reminded of it, I’ll be doing so again. And since I dropped the ball before, I’ll also be putting them in the sidebar and making a purchase when the taxman regurgitates my cash this week.

You should think about it as well if you’re in the market (and in all reality, even if you’re not).

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    The last thing a CC person want to have to do is feel for the carry while in public. I guarantee that this WILL happen if you carry on top of your spine, as the CrossBreedSOB has you do.

    Unless you have been trained since birth to have something solid sitting back there, you will not be comfortable with any hardware on your spine in the small of your back. Just a little to the right or left of the spine is acceptable, but it would seem that the CrossBreedSOB is angled so that about half the weapon would be across the spinal column.

    Maybe a lot of time in the gym to build up your pelvic girdle might help, I don’t know. There are more nerves/nerve bundles concentrated back there than anywhere else on the body.

    Yes, it does wonders for your straight-ahead profile, not having anything protruding from your side, but that would be the only advantage.

    My back aches looking at it, and to think of putting a weapon of any size, like my Glock 22 or my 1911A1 back there is positively painful to contemplate.

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