By the dawn’s early light

We’re having a range-type shindig this weekend at Champion Arms in Kent, my co-workers and I are, and I though it might be a good idea to grab some more .380ACP this morning on my way home for it.

I get off work at 0600 and stop in at the Wally World on the way home. Apparently, they don’t sell ammo before 0700, because I had to wait to for nearly 20 minutes before they could find someone with the keys to the ammo cabinet. I got their last three boxes of .380 and their last two of .45ACP as well. I almost bought their last six boxes of Remington green box .22-250, but I have an unopened case and not a whole lot of cash.

As I was being rung up a guy saunters on up to the counter and asks the lady if they have any .45ACP left. She points to me and says that “He just bought our last two boxes.”

The guy asks me if I’d been to the Walmart at the other end of town and if they have any left. I said that I hadn’t been there yet because that one doesn’t even open until 0700, and if they did I was going to buy it all in about 10 minutes when I walked through their doors.

His reply: “Not if I get there first!”

Even with the check out process giving him a two minute head start, I still got there in time to see him walk through the doors. But he was out of luck as they were out of everything except .25ACP, .32Auto and .40S&W. We ended up chatting on his way out the door and I almost sold him one of my boxes of .45 just to be a nice guy.

Unfortunately for him, he was an HK fanboy who badmouthed 1911’s in an under 30 second conversation. Nobody puts down JMB near me and then gets a deal.

Gotta go. I’m gonna see if I can score some more .380 while taking care of the weeks end business.

UPDATE: Scored the last 300rnds of .380ACP that my local GIJoes had. One thing I noticed in my rounds is that rifle hunting ammo is in very good supply around these parts. .22-250 to .338WinMag. Even boxed .223Rem and .308Win. Anyone think I should start a buy/ship ammo business during these times?

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5 Responses to By the dawn’s early light

  1. Kristopher says:

    The proper response to someone badmouthing John Moses Browning (PBUH) is a groin tazering.

  2. Phil says:

    Sorry K, no tazer available.

  3. D.W. Drang says:

    Have you checked Guns ‘n’ Shizzle Surplus Arms and Ammo, behind Tactical Tailor in Lakewood? They have the best supplies of ammo in the area outside of Ft Lewis’ ASP that I know of. (Except maybe Cabelas.)

  4. Phil says:

    I have not, D.W.. Thank you for the info. Now that I’m officially in Tacoma, I’m learning of new locales every week.

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