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RNS Quote of the Day, 02/25/09

Found at COACOO’s place. Heckewelder’s writings may be found here.

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That’s Pretty Much Me

Take the test below; it’s very well done with some insightful questions. I dunno about the “alignment” graph, there, though: seems to me they’ve got Fascism a bit too high up. My scores peg me pretty close to the Anarchist … Continue reading

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Boomershoot Picture of the Day

The 2008 Boomershoot Shooting Desk, with a laminate top actually pulled from an old office desk. I kept the center metal drawer. It’s a handy place to store shooting logbooks, pens, ear protection, and can’t be beat for the sheer … Continue reading

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Sorry I’m late

Today’s meeting about yesterday’s topic went long. Very long. Actually becoming a second meeting. Mostly because I was not gaining any ground in any direction for the longest time. Thankfully, my stamina wore my opposition down. While the racist coworker … Continue reading

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Civil Immunity from Liability for Self-Defense — in ILLINOIS???!!

The Armed Schoolteacher uncovers a gleaming gold nugget: …But in Illinois, Kent continued, the 93rd General Assembly passed a statute (it was SB 2386 when it was a bill) amending the “Self-Defense: Exoneration” section of the criminal code to say … Continue reading

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Warning — Nasty Cold

It’s not the flu, but whatever cold virus is out there right now is a humdinger. I picked it up last Wednesday, had to take part of Thursday off, and my wife and I were both out of commission for … Continue reading

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